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Packages include:

10/20/30/40 GB, including 5/10 email accounts. Packages like Power PRO and Power MAX offer the most bandwidth and the highest download and upload speeds

Top download/upload speeds available:

15 Mbps download, 2 Mbps upload with Hughes' Power MAX plan.

Pricing (lowest available):

As low as $39.99 per month for the first three months and $49.99 for every month after with a 24 month contract.

Areas of coverage:

Anywhere in the United States where satellite reception is possible, including rural areas. Satellite equipment will be required at the residence or business.

HughesNet comes from the Hughes Communication company, which was acquired by Echostar in 2011. Headquartered in Maryland, and generating over a billion every year in revenue, Hughes manufactures its own equipment here in the United States, and is a prominent leader in telecommunications for both residential and commercial consumers.

Capitalizing on that success and expanding its ability to provide high speed internet access over satellite communications, Hughes launched its own high capacity satellite, the Echostar XVII, in 2012. This allows the company to deliver even faster speeds to all connections. At 15 Mbps, it's faster than many of the other companies that we've reviewed so far.

Installation is handled by expert technicians who will take into account the proper positioning of the satellite itself, any wiring that will need to be involved, and the overall installation of the service. Choosing HughesNet means that you can save as much as $99, thanks to the standard installation being free.

The company also offers special select services for businesses that include secure remote connections, more e-mail addresses as an add on, and more. HughesNet's Gen4 internet services should have you covered if you're a small company in an area where the only alternative is DSL, and you will find that the overall speed and bandwidth caps available with HughesNet's business plans should be more than enough to suit your needs. If not, additional bandwidth cap extensions are available at prices that will fit within a small business budget.

Reasons to Choose HughesNet Satellite:

40 years of experience is pretty huge for any telecommunications company, much less one getting into the still new business of satellite internet. HugesNet brings a lot of business and technological savvy to the table, which is proved through their extensive customer service and their continual efforts into providing better service and offerings year after year. Hughes is a company with both great growth and outstanding stability, which can make them the right choice if you want a company that cares about its reputation alongside its bottom line.

The option to lease or purchase equipment is something that's unique to Hughes. Equipment will include a satellite dish and modem. While other companies will require you to lease that equipment with a monthly charge, Hughes' option of outright purchase can help you to save money if you plan to stick with the company, or just satellite internet in general, for years to come

The company owns its own satellite. Another impressive feature of the company that we've already mentioned, the Echostar XVII satellite allows Hughes to provide both superior download speed and some remarkable bandwidth caps for customers. While there are locational requirements with your own terrestrial receiver dish, the benefits far outweigh those considerations.

Free standard installation and live support are also one of HughesNet's strong suits; the company really cares about good will from consumers and wants to respond by offering free standard installation wherever customers are, and live support whenever customers need it.

VOIP service is available through HughesNet Voice. If you haven't already tried VOIP technology, it's a phone that you can use over your internet. With the premium features of HughesNet Voice, featured at an easy $19.99 per month, you'll find a comfortable replacement for your home phone if you haven't already found one. The VOIP service offers unlimited domestic and Canadian calling, enhanced voice mail features, and the ability to keep your old phone number if you want to do so.

Business plans are available for as low as $80 a month, with fast download and upload speeds also available. HughesNet is currently offering a promotional $200 rebate on certain business packages as well, so consider it to be a solid investment into building a small business and giving your company the sort of satellite internet it really needs to get the job done.

The Final Verdict

HughesNet is currently offering promotional deals on all four of its plans which could save you up to $10 per month for the first three months. With some of the fastest satellite download speeds available of any provider that we've reviewed so far, and competitive pricing when compared to companies that require bundles to save, you might find that HughesNet is a truly solid option.

When compared to DSL, HughesNet's 15 Mbps connection is as much as 15 times as fast; a huge advantage if you want to log on and enjoy the internet as it was meant to be seen, downloaded, and interacted with. For projects where you need to use data, such as sending .pdf, video, and audio files, it's an absolute must to have this sort of bandwidth capacity and speed to match. 2 Mbps upload isn't the fastest on the list, but it still light years ahead of what DSL would have to offer, and competitive with other satellite packages for the same price.

If you're looking for a satellite internet provider that has a good working experience, high end customer service, free installation, and options that can allow you to control your satellite equipment, then HughesNet is the way to go. You will find that the customer service is top notch if you ever have any issues with your connection, and that the installation process itself is rather smooth. Technicians are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of satellite internet, and make sure your access is perfect before they're finished with the job.

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